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Melaleuca Success Stories

Bill Quinn - Success Photos

In just over 3 months, I lost a total of 29 pounds. There were several factors that led to my success. First, I needed a motivator. For me, the opportunity to win a prize was a main motivator. Also, after several years of not exercising it was obvious to me that losing a few pounds would not hurt.

Second, I knew that I needed to reduce my daily calorie intake. The requirement of keeping a food diary on the website turned out to be a huge benefit to me as I acquired a lot of knowledge concerning not only food calories, but also the nutritional makeup of foods (i.e. protein, cholesterol, and fiber). This daily food diary greatly influenced my weight loss success. And beyond playing a part in my weight loss success, it has also played a role in the way I will look at my diet for the rest of my life. It is said that knowledge is power and that is the truth.

The third factor leading to my success was consistent exercise. I started out by running 2 to 3 miles a few times a week—and being very exhausted at the end of each run. During the final weeks of January, I consistently and comfortably ran 5 miles a day—Monday through Friday—and then a long run on Saturday. During the whole process my exercising went from a “chore” to an enjoyable “habit”’ that I looked forward to every day. Now I am enthusiastic about preparing for a marathon.

I am amazed at what the physical body can do with the right motivation, diet, and exercise. I say “thank you” to Melaleuca for supporting my wellness.